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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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The Job Market Flips: Are Employers Back in Control? [Video]

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The Job Market Flips: Are Employers Back in Control?

Episode #512

Has the job market finally flipped? Throughout most of the pandemic, it seemed that any and every worker was a hot commodity. Job-hopping was the new norm as businesses outbid each other to get the best talent. Now, thanks to rising interest rates, a slower economy, and a return to the office, it seems that employees don’t have the same negotiating power they did just a couple of years ago, and the new jobs numbers are showing this.

Welcome to a new type of format on the “BiggerPockets Money” podcast—a headlines show! We’re taking some of the top news stories from the world of personal finance and the overall economy and giving you our takes so you can make better money decisions. First, a strong jobs report comes in, but unemployment still rises as Americans find it harder and harder to get the job they want. Are employers back in control after years of workers owning the market?

Then, we’ll touch on the latest inflation numbers and why costs are rising even as work becomes less available. Student loan borrowers receive a huge win as getting their debt discharged during bankruptcy becomes even easier. This could cause significant ripple effects for which degrees become financeable in the future! Finally, a 529 plan update that now gives parents a HUGE reason to invest in their child’s future education.

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00:00 Intro

01:08 The Job Market Flips

09:38 Inflation Not Slowing Down

16:18 Student Loan Bankruptcies Now Easier

21:56 When Is It Time to Go Bankrupt?

23:20 No More Wasted 529 Funds!

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