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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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The Death & Regret Expert: “2 Hours To Change The NEXT 50 Years Of Your Life!” | Alua Arthur [Video]

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The Death & Regret Expert: “2 Hours To Change The NEXT 50 Years Of Your Life!” | Alua Arthur

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It’s Lisa Bilyeu and welcome to another DEEP, impactful episode of Women of Impact where we’re talking about preparing for death and how that helps you to live a life you love, WITHOUT regrets!!

I know, death is a topic we ALL would like to avoid talking about because it can be sad and heartbreaking to think about. But literally we will ALL die, so let’s stop avoiding the inevitable and just talk about it so that we don’t end up dying with regrets!!!

Here to help us think about death as a way to make sure we LIVE our best lives is America’s #1 death doula, Alua Arthur. Alua has held the hands of thousands of people as they finally face the pain and complexities of life in their death, and she’s learnt A LOT about the power of making the most out of the life that you get.

Death is something we ignore as a society and unfortunately the reality is that the fear and denial we have towards dying can actually lead to a lot of regret when our time does come.

In this powerful episode, we’re talking about:
– How to live more in the next 30 days than you have in the past 10 years
– The 1 question Alua thinks you should ask yourself before you make a decision
– How to live in the NOW & why doing so is such an important part of a peaceful death
– Why we fear dying so much & steps we can take to overcome that fear
– The power of using your fears around death & loss to add more fuel to your life RIGHT NOW
– How to use the lens of your death to HELP you live life for yourself & not others
– Why procrastination is actually death denial
– The tiny steps you need to take to live presently & die gracefully
– Why getting older is actually a GIFT that gets you closer to living a happy life
– What “get busy living” ACTUALLY means – and it’s not “hustle more”

Our time is finite, and we can’t afford to deny death and keep waiting for “I’ll do it when…”. Instead of letting the fear of the unknown after death keep you from living a life that lights you on fire, Alua is here to help us think and talk about death in a way that empowers us to make the most of the time that we DO have so that we can act and change NOW before it’s too late!

****Bonus Episode: Stop Wasting Time Feeling Stuck with Jenna Kutcher****

Keep watching for a BONUS conversation with my homie Jenna Kutcher where we discuss the importance of self-awareness and having the courage to face uncomfortable truths about yourself in order to move forward in life. Not asking yourself the right questions keeps the best parts of you hidden from the ones you love and even worse, from yourself. Jenna’s strategies for engaging with these difficult questions will help you take the small steps needed to confront and address your issues, stop comparing yourself to others, and finally make changes in your life.

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