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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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I Bought a Roller Skating Rink for £2,600,000 [Video]

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I Bought a Roller Skating Rink for £2,600,000

In this video I reveal a new business I have bought and why I have taken it over, how I did it and what my plans are for the future. This business takeover series shares buying business details and ideas that could help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

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🌍 Website – https://jamessinclair.net
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📸 Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jamessinclairentrepreneur/
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Who am I?
My name is James Sinclair and I’m the founder and CEO of The Partyman Group of Companies. I started building my business when I was just 16 as a family entertainer after that I built up an entertainment agency, then moved into building a leisure and day nursery businesses. Today we operate a £30 million business which includes leisure, childcare, outdoor attractions, commercial property, arts and crafts manufacturing as well as one of the UK’s oldest Ice cream companies; The Rossi Ice Cream Company.

00:00 I bought this roller skating rink
00:15 The numbers: Revenue & Customers
01:40 Why I Bought this business
04:03 Buying business rules
07:43 Bonus Perks of this Business
09:31 How I structured the deal

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