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How To Setup & Use Business Emails in 2024 | Email Built for Small Biz (Neo Review) [Video]

Small Business Marketing

How To Setup & Use Business Emails in 2024 | Email Built for Small Biz (Neo Review)

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If you operate a small business, having a professional-looking business email account is essential. This means displaying your domain name instead of using generic ones like or

In this video, I will show you the simplest method to create a business email address, a free domain name, and a complimentary website to build your online presence.

Neo is a business email and growth suite tailored for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

In addition to business email, Neo offers users a range of features including:

– Signature Designer
– Email Campaigns
– AI Email Assistant (AI Smartwrite)
– Mail Tracking and Read Receipts
– Send Later and Follow-Up Reminder
– Email Templates
– Contact Groups
– Easy Gmail Migration
– Android and iOS app

There are many professional business email services on the market for businesses, however, many are more suitable for larger businesses. Neo bridges this gap and offers an email solution, features and tools designed for small and local businesses.

Thank you Neo for partnering with us on this content and supporting our education based channel! We wouldn’t be able to create content like this without partners like you.

► Today we navigate through the below chapters for this small business email tutorial:

0:00 Intro
01:01 What is Neo?
01:35 Getting started
02:05 Setup Neo business email
04:06 Your Neo account
04:27 Add email signature
05:22 Using Neo’s tools/features
05:40 Neo website (single page)
06:51 Email tracking
07:03 Email templates
07:18 Email campaigns
09:10 Other email features
09:49 Now bookings
11:31 Neo calendar
12:03 AI smart write
13:37 Neo help and support
14:31 Outro

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Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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