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Financial Independence at 32 WITHOUT a Six-Figure Salary [Video]

Finance for Women

Financial Independence at 32 WITHOUT a Six-Figure Salary

You need to make at least six figures per year to achieve financial independence, right? Oh, and you can ONLY do it as DINKs (dual-income, no kids). Plus, you’ll need to start out with zero debt…

How many people ACTUALLY fit into this description? Not many, but you don’t need ANY of the above requirements to reach financial independence. Today’s guest achieved financial independence in her early thirties on an average salary, with children, five figures in debt, and ZERO investing experience. If she can do it, you can too!

Jillian Johnsrud is the definition of “starting from zero.” As a senior in high school, she was working twenty to thirty hours a week and living on her own. She was making eight bucks an hour when she got married. She had no investing experience, had six kids, and started investing during one of the worst economic times in the United States’ history. Still, she was able to reach financial freedom due to smart and sometimes uncomfortable choices that paid her back time and time again.

If you feel like you’re just getting your footing in the personal finance world, fear not. Jillian is THE role model you should follow if you want to reach financial independence in your thirties, no matter how much debt you have, how much money you make, or what your background is. If Jillian can do it, anyone can!

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00:00 FI by 32!
02:59 Taking “Mini-Retirements”
04:45 How to Plan a Mini-Retirement
08:13 FI WITHOUT Making 6 Figures
10:34 Frugal Cooking Hack
11:53 Investing at the WORST Time?
17:27 Buying Their First Rentals
21:13 What’s Your FIRE Advantage?
24:23 Connect with Jillian!

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