The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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#198: 3 Big Mistakes Coaches Make that Cost them Clients [Video]


#198: 3 Big Mistakes Coaches Make that Cost them Clients

Welcome to the Art of Value Whispering podcast

Today, I’m talking about the 3-Big Mistakes Coaches make that cost them Clients.

In the dynamic world of coaching, attracting and retaining clients is paramount for success.

However, even the most seasoned coaches can unknowingly deter potential clients through common mistakes. Some of these mistakes can be changed pretty instantly, and I’m here to show you how.

Join me in this episode, as I delve into the three significant mistakes that coaches frequently make, leading to client disengagement and missed opportunities.

By identifying and rectifying these errors, you’ll be able to communicate your true value, attract more of the right clients to your coaching business and ultimately thrive in your practice.

“It’s only when you attract and work with the right clients, that you will have an impact that you feel proud of. How you communicate your value is key in attracting these right-fit clients.” – Melitta Campbell

In this episode, you will discover how to:

Own, communicate and market your true value * Think and interact differently as a coach * Remain your authentic self while communicating your business * Weave your value through every interaction * Attract and engage more of your dream clients through interactions * Help your prospects see you as the obvious choice of service provider

“The first question a potential client has when they find your business or content is: “What’s in it for me?”. So your marketing must address first.” – Melitta Campbell ‍*


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Melitta Campbell is an award-winning business coach who is passionate about helping women confidently build and grow a business that matters, through her award-winning Value Whispering Blueprint programme. ‍

She teaches her clients a unique approach to business growth and promotion that she has termed Value Whispering: the art of gently weaving your true value through everything you do, building meaningful relationships, and gently guiding your clients to the results they seek. So no matter how soft your voice, you can create a powerful impact.

Her expertise comes from three decades of communication, marketing and leadership experience, including more than a decade of running her own businesses. As a certified mindset coach, she also coaches her clients on the inner-game of success, as well as the practicalities of starting and running a thriving business and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Melitta is also the best-selling author of A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking, host of the popular: The Art of Value Whispering podcast and an in-demand speaker, appearing on stages and screens internationally. ‍

Originally from the UK, she now supports her global client base from her home in Switzerland, where she lives with her husband, two daughters and fluffy pup.

You can learn more about Melitta via:


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