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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Women Leaders in Travel [Video]

Female Leadership

Women Leaders in Travel

There’s no way that Regina and Christine aren’t going to have something to say for International Women’s History Month. So, they’re talking about their favorite women leaders in travel, who are creating hotels that are worth traveling to around the world.

Women Leaders in a Male-Dominated Industry

Even though women make most of the travel decisions, in the world of travel, it’s a male-dominated field. In the hospitality industry, 2022 data from the Castell Project found that women held less than 10%  of hotel development and leadership roles. That statistic is less than women enrolled in business school, which is now at 42% according to Fast Company. A decade ago, women’s overall enrollment was 34%.

So that point is that if you’re a woman leader in the travel industry, you’re almost as rare as a unicorn. Christine and Regina talk about some of the top hotels in the world this month on Off The Cuff. These hotels are you guessed it – run by women leaders in travel. From global brands to Christine’s favorite hotel in the world, The Hotel du Cap in Antibes, there are women making their mark. You’ll want to listen in here and check out the video of their discussion on Off The Cuff.

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