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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Who I Am | Sketchbook Series [Video]

Motivation and Empowerment

Who I Am | Sketchbook Series

In this episode I tell you a little about my backstory and how I learned to draw.

Sometimes it feels like I have been learning to drawing all my life. this is the first time I have put some of my story out there of the world to hear.

Learning how to draw feels like a life long process and learning how to draw beautiful woman is one of my life long goals. Someday I hope to teach others how to draw anything but only if they are ready to learn how to draw.

From the shapes and forms of the naked female to the highlights and shadows hips and breasts. Understanding the nude female form is important to the artist in more ways than we can probably count. recognizing and rendering the soft parts such as the breasts and stomach, to hard parts such as wide hips and shoulders, to extremely and often difficult features such as the curls of the hairstyle and pubic hair

A sketch like this need time and dedication to complete more than this video can show. this sketch was going to be completely cross hatched, but I often find that using a blending stump to lay down some primary tone helps to keep me both focused and aware of where attention needs to be placed.

This nude is contained within my first ever art channel sketchbook and contain many more sketches of both clothed models and nude models.

It is important to keep a sketchbook, a drawing diary of all the thing the I’ve learn while working on this art YouTube channel. I mostly focus on drawing nudes as I both like and appreciate the human form for both it’s strength and beauty. So this and many of my videos contain nude drawings.

In the future I will work on more drawings of beautiful models and beautiful women to further complete this sketchbook.

There is an unspoken but loudly understood confidence in the nude. To be naked in front of a stranger or even a friend can be uncomfortable. only the most confident woman can be naked for hours. I believe the nude figure can be the most confident and vulnerable of all the things that can be drawn.

Nude art in and of itself is a sign of confidence not only to own it but also to display it is a sign of confidence. to have a nude figure drawing or a nude painting on display in front of friends and maybe stranger can display and air of confidence and sophistication.

As naked women have always, throughout time, been seen a status symbol of both wealth and power, I Decorate my studio with nude art as a symbol of pride and appreciation of the nude and the art that comes from depicting naked women.

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