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What To Do If You Win the Lottery (From an Inside Source) [Video]

What To Do If You Win the Lottery (From an Inside Source)

“What to do if you win the lottery.” This question is getting more online searches than ever before. But what would you do? The wheels start turning as soon as those lucky numbers get picked. You stare down at your ticket in disbelief. Then, you make sure to match the ticket in your hand to the numbers on the screen. You could be staring at a million or billion-dollar prize, and for a second, most of your financial worries start to slip away, soon to be replaced by a new set of challenges. How will you manage it? How much will you owe back in taxes? Should you take the annual payouts or the lump sum? A better question is, “how do I redeem this thing!?”

The lottery is played by millions across the United States, hoping to get their hands on the winning prize. But how does the lottery work? Where does the money you spend on a ticket go? And do you really have a chance of ever winning? Carolyn Becker from the California State Lottery knows more than most. She’s been working with lottery agencies for years, making sure that winners are genuine players and ensuring that a percentage of the lottery profits go to good causes within the Golden State.

She outlines exactly how the lottery works, how the winning numbers are chosen, the philanthropic side of buying a ticket, and what to do when you win millions or billions of dollars at once. She also drops some tips on better ways to play the lottery and why there’s a higher chance of you winning than you think. So, if you’re buying a ticket in hopes of a billion-dollar jackpot, Carolyn’s advice could help!

00:00 Intro
01:57 The History of the Lottery
09:50 How the Lottery Works
21:08 How Players Support Schools
26:42 What’s Causing These HUGE Jackpots?
33:17 Lump Sum vs. Annual Payments
35:59 What if You Win?
52:35 Play the RIGHT Way!

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