3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience title=
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience

Trusting in God’s Plan: Prioritizing His Guidance Over A Business Mentor’s Advice for Your Online Bu [Video]

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Trusting in God’s Plan: Prioritizing His Guidance Over A Business Mentor’s Advice for Your Online Bu


Do you ever find yourself asking permission from an online business coach/teacher/mentor? Asking if you’re “allowed” to do something in your business? Or maybe you felt God was leading you in one direction, but you heard an online teacher say the opposite, so you started to doubt what you heard from God. 
I think what started as seeking wisdom subtly leads into seeking permission and listening to an online teacher over what God has said. 
But I don’t think this is intentional, so I want to talk to you today about why this happens, how to recognize it and how to fix it (or prevent it in the first place). 
There are three main lines of thinking that contribute to this happening. What’s wild is that you often won’t even recognize you have these thoughts and you’ll just kind of find yourself in that position without even realizing it. Good news is that it really is something you can fix because it starts with thoughts and beliefs and we know those can be changed. So listen as we dive into these 3 thoughts and look at them through a Biblical lens to see how to ultimately trust in God’s plan above all else. 
I hope you’re encouraged by this episode and that you continue shifting your mindset toward Jesus so you can do all that He is calling you to do. 
Coffee chat sign ups: I want to hear from you. If you’re a Christian mom called to online business but you’re finding yourself frustrated and spinning your wheels OR if you recognize that mindset is hindering your success (think money mindset, imposter syndrome etc), and you’re longing for a Biblical deep-dive approach to having thoughts based on Biblical truth above all else, then I’d love to chat with you. As a thank you for your time, I’d love to offer a free 15-min coaching session. Go to mamawithacalling.com/chat to sign up. 
Only two 1:1 coaching spots left: If you’re frustrated with how uncertain you feel with your business and you’re wanting to get clear on where God is calling you, then I want to invite you to sign up for a 6 week coaching package with me. We’ll deep dive into mindset blocks and really get clear on what God is leading you to do with your business. Get started by going to www.mamawithacalling.com/coaching to learn more and book your free Discovery call. 
Join us in the Faith-drive Business Mamas Community. Meet other Christian moms pursuing the calling to have an online business and navigating the ups and downs of WAHM life, business, and trying to follow God through it all. You’ll find community, support, encouragement, and Biblical mindset solutions to set you free from doubt, mom guilt, and all the negative thoughts keeping you stuck.
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