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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You

THE ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET Ep. 2: Interview w/ Scott Murray, Founder, Murray Media [Video]


THE ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET Ep. 2: Interview w/ Scott Murray, Founder, Murray Media

“THE ENTREPRENEUR MINDSET” with Award Winning Entrepreneur, Marie Diaz.

Marie Diaz is the Author of “If You Knew You Could Not fail, What Would You Do” and Chief Visionary Officer CEO CLUBS IMPACT – The Pre-eminent Resource That Takes Vision and Purpose to a Higher Degrees of Success.

Today, Marie has traveled the Globe & has met, interviewed & uncovered methods used by some of the most successful people in the world. She now teaches & facilitates these unique success strategies exclusively to those who choose greatness & want to be; “The Extraordinary & The Exception.”

Marie Diaz was honored & recognized in 2010 By Ernst Young as DFW’s top 38 entrepreneurs, 2014 by INC 500 magazine as #1 Top Fastest Growing HR Firm in the Nation, #3 Top Fastest Growing Women owned Firm in the Nation & over all ranking of #26 Top Fastest Growing Business in the Nation & amongst other publications, she has consistently been recognized by Dallas Business Journal, INC 500/5000, Ernst & Young, SMU 100, MSDC, Forbes & D Magazine for the past 2 decades.


Marie is a frequent key note speaker for business & community organizations as a visionary, thought leader & is considered an expert in her field. She is inspirational, powerful & dynamic. By combining inspiring keynotes with skills-based training, Marie is able to bring about positive change to anyone who chooses greatness over mediocracy.

“You never arrive,” states Ms. Diaz, and when you think you do, it’s time to change rooms. She also recognizes persistence, patience, grit and the ability to listen, while having the vision to see conceptualization through to implementation as essential success factors of any business. Most importantly, Marie has learned to never give up, never give in to nay-sayers and if your disliked or hated, you’re probably making a difference.

CEO CLUBS IMPACT was based on the premise that the greatest power on earth is a concept or idea that can inspire people to be greater than they are, to lead and motivate others and to help others achieve their personal dreams. This has been core in her life; to always pursue excellence and to help others achieve their life goals. Thus, the name of her first entrepreneur spirit. “Pursuit of Excellence”

While being a strong advocate for small business growth and entrepreneurship, Ms. Diaz is very passionate about the growth and success of the world in which we live, her community, the people who make it a success and, most importantly, helping others succeed.

For more details on Ms. Diaz, visit: https://ceo-clubs.world

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