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Giving Tuesday 2022: 6 Things to Know BEFORE You Donate [Video]

For the past decade, Giving Tuesday has been a way for everyday Americans to donate their money, or time, to charities and causes that help collectively make the world a better place. Whether it’s a little or a lot, we’re encouraged to give what we can to bridge the gap between those that have so little and many of us that have so much. But how do you know a charity or organization is using your donation accordingly? How can you spot-check to see if your dollars are being used for those in dire need? We brought on Elie Hassenfeld, GiveWell co-founder and CEO, to help us navigate the tricky subject of giving to worthwhile charities. Elie knows a thing or two about validating which charities are worth donating to. At GiveWell, he spends his days researching thousands of charities for hundreds of millions of donatable dollars, helping those of us that are too busy to find a home for the donations that we are willing to give. In just six tips, Elie will give you the framework for finding a worthwhile charity or organization to give to, so you know that your dollar is being stretched the farthest it can. We also touch on whether or not high administration costs are a red flag, whether it’s better to give goods rather than money, and how to truly measure an organization’s impact to see how many lives they’re saving or improving with each dollar donated. If you’re still on the fence about where to give this Giving Tuesday, head over to to know your dollar is making a difference!00:00 Intro05:14 Where Your Dollar Matters Most12:04 Which Charities Make the Cut15:01 Tips for Finding a Charity 22:58 Impact, Not Overhead 25:43 Red Flags to Watch29:19 Why Give to GiveWell? 36:25 GiveWell’s Biggest Mistakes39:59 Start Giving Today! Show Notes at: ~~~~Join the BiggerPockets Money Facebook Group: ~~~~Find an Investor-Friendly Agent in Your Area: ~~~~Donate at GiveWell: ~~~~Work with CrossPurpose: ~~~~How Giving Back Can Help You Invest in the Future: ~~~~How My Journey Out of $2.5M in Debt Inspired Me to Live a Charity-Focused Life: ~~~~Want to Be a Guest on the BiggerPockets Money Show? Apply Here:Guests: Finance Friday: ~~~~Connect with Scott and Mindy on BiggerPockets: Scott: Episode 358#biggerpockets #biggerpockets #givingtuesday