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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags

Program training high school students to become paramedics [Video]

Mentorship for Women

MENTOR, Ohio — The call to recruit more first responders is growing each day.

Police, fire and paramedics once had long lines full of interested applicants.

But now, they say, many are turning away from these careers.

“There’s a shortage and they really, really need the help, and I feel really special with just being a part of those people that they, you know, somewhat recruit for help,” said Mentor High School Senior Yoson Porter.

As local paramedics struggle to recruit staff, they have help coming in from Mentor High School students like Yoson.

“There’s like a really good opportunity for me moving forward, especially coming out of high school,” Yoson said.

Yoson and this team of more than a dozen students are receiving this training opportunity thanks to a grant from the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program, or I-WIP.

The state awarded $81,000 in grants for Mentor Exempted Village to …

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