The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Productivity Hacks – MindLink Air [Video]


Productivity Hacks – MindLink Air

1️⃣ Declutter your workspace:
Dispose of any garbage, remove unnecessary items from your desk, and neatly arrange essential belongings to create a more organized workspace.

2️⃣ Write a to-do list:
Plan ahead and write down at least 3 high-priority daily objectives you aim to accomplish. Digital lists can be easier to access and organize while using physical lists such as sticky note systems can help serve as upfront reminders.

3️⃣ Prioritize tasks:
Organize tasks based on importance and urgency using the Eisenhower Matrix to focus on goals that truly matter and avoid getting overwhelmed by less critical activities.

4️⃣ Time block:
Identify peak productivity periods. Track when you’re most focused during the day and when you enter into the flow state, then use a calendar app to block off the time to work when you’re most productive.

5️⃣ Incorporate breaks into your schedule:
Prevent burnout and maintain physical and mental well-being by scheduling regular breaks, including brief 20/20/20 pauses to relieve eye strain.

6️⃣ Use productivity tracking tools:
The MindLink Air smartglasses and app can help you set reminders, optimize performance, and track progress with personal insights.
✅ limit eye strain using 20/20/20 breaks
✅ discover when you’re most productive during the day
✅ track when you’re in the flow state and time block accordingly

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