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How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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NEVER Argue Or Fight With A Narcissist… DO THIS Instead To Take Your Power Back! | Dr. Ramani [Video]

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NEVER Argue Or Fight With A Narcissist… DO THIS Instead To Take Your Power Back! | Dr. Ramani

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Let’s be real guys, we all have to face a narcissist at some point or another, and so we need to be ready to deal with narcissists in all sorts of situations, from the workplace and professional settings, to family, friendships and romantic partners.

Today’s episode of Women of Impact will arm you with the strategies you need to come out of each encounter without losing yourself.

World renowned psychologist & narcissist expert Dr. Ramani is BACK and BETTER THAN EVER and she’s got even more wisdom to share from her 20+ years of experience studying narcissists and working with narcissistic abuse survivors.

With sooo much love and compassion, Dr. Ramani is giving us the advice we need, but might not WANT to hear when it comes to THAT narcissist in our lives.

In this episode, we’re going deep into:
– Why you MUST DISENGAGE with the narcissist when they are playing the victim
– How “soul distancing” can protect your well-being when the narcissist is gaslighting and invalidating you
– The counter-intuitive way to take your power back & ending a narcissistic relationship
– Why you need to learn to listen to your body for the red flags
– How to effectively deal with the charm AND lack of empathy of a narcissist
– Dr. Ramani’s 3 steps to narcissistic resistance so you can break free from the abuse
– & MORE!

Be sure to order your copy of Dr. Ramani’s new book, “It’s Not You” here:

Chapter Markers: 🚶‍♂️

🧠 [00:00] Tactics to put the narcissist in their place
🐅 [14:50] Going into the tiger’s cage
📚 [26:37] When the shelf breaks
❌ [40:30] Dealing with the repeated victimized narrative of the narcissist
😖 [49:57] Divorcing the narcissist
🪞 [56:37] Thin Skin & Charming or Charismatic?
💪 [01:06:13] Becoming narcissistic-resistant
👉 [1:28:49] Bonus Episode: Tracy Tutor

****Bonus Episode: Stand up for Yourself with Tracy Tutor****

If you want to stand up for yourself when someone disrespects you, keep watching for a BONUS conversation with the confident badass Tracy Tutor, and she’s built confidence from her failures, recovered from betrayal, and redefined what marriage and her relationships mean to her.


“Gaslighting is saying there’s something wrong with you. You must have some sort of memory problem or some other psychiatric issue. You need help.”​​.

“Having any form of relationship with a narcissist is like forever having to listen to an annoying podcast because they’re not listening to you.”​​.

“They want to dominate you. They don’t want to understand you.”

“Narcissistic people are very, very sensitive…They react very strongly to any form of feedback or criticism.”​​.

“To become gaslight resistant you have to give yourself permission to own your reality.”

“I’d say to anyone in a narcissistic relationship, if you’re going to stick it out, then you do what feels right to you. But you better have a plan B in place for when you get sick because I can promise you one thing, this person ain’t changing your adult diapers.”

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