The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Money, Money, Money — The Right Money Mindset For Entrepreneurs | [English] [Video]

Finance for Women

Money, Money, Money — The Right Money Mindset For Entrepreneurs | [English]

In this episode, Danny and Katie Caiger engage in a candid conversation about their personal experiences and attitudes towards money. They reflect on how their upbringing, family dynamics, and early financial lessons have shaped their relationship with money, emphasising the importance of prioritising making money over saving money in entrepreneurship. The speakers stress the need to remove emotional attachments to money and accept the constant ebb and flow of financial stability inherent in self-employment. They share valuable insights on financial management, discussing the liberating effect of viewing money as a tool rather than an emotional burden.

Furthermore, Danny and Katie encourage open discussions about money, suggesting that parents should educate their children about financial matters to foster healthy attitudes towards money from a young age. They underscore the challenges and rewards of being self-employed, highlighting the necessity of embracing financial uncertainty, making strategic investments, and continuously striving to grow one’s income. The conversation provides practical advice and a candid perspective on navigating the complexities of money management in entrepreneurship, offering valuable insights for listeners embarking on or already engaged in self-employment.



**About Katie:**
As a Storytelling Consultant and Localisation Expert, I’m shaping and nurturing personal brands and unearthing great stories that deserve a platform. I’m translating confusing & complex into utterly understandable (sometimes, even heartwarming and lovable). I mostly work with SME & hidden champions from Business Intelligence, Engineering, and Life Science. If you have a different area of expertise, and we both think we‘re a great fit, we can happily tell your stories, too.

Whatever your story, whatever your background…

Whether here or in your new podcast, if your storyline needs a touch of heartfelt dedication, let’s chat. We’ll craft a narrative that truly resonates with your audience.

**About Danny:**
A stickler for meticulous detail and process, Danny has been translating and localising from German to English for the top insurers and banks in Germany, as well as for technical and complex businesses, the public sector and tourism. His aim? To get your message across, and to increase your international appeal. As an expert on German and British culture, he regularly trains Executives and SMEs on how to operate in, and work with, the other culture, taking into account the subtle differences in small talk, communication, and more.

Find out more:

Contact: [email protected]

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