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How To Setup, Design & Launch A Shopify Store (2023) | Ultimate Shopify Tutorial [Video]

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How To Setup, Design & Launch A Shopify Store (2023) | Ultimate Shopify Tutorial

Today, in this ultimate Shopify tutorial, I share how you can setup, design and launch a Shopify store.

Shopify is a leading eCommerce website builder that allows anyone to quickly and easily create a premium online store.

Shopify offers many apps, features and integrations that gives you everything you need to sell successfully online.

This is a comprehensive Shopify tutorial for non-techies, no coding or prior experience is required.

► Get started with Shopify for free (3 day free trial) here:https://www.shopify.com/free-trial?ref=stewart-gauld

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The Shopify link up above is an affiliate link, which means we will get a commission if you upgrade to a paid plan through this link (with no extra cost to you), this helps support our channel and we thank you in advance!

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► Today we navigate through the below chapters for this Complete Shopify tutorial:

0:00 Intro
01:30 Getting started
02:15 Sign up (free trial)
03:38 Choose a plan
04:36 Domain settings
05:38 Set up email forwarding
07:33 Verify email and domain
09:11 Add and mange users
09:29 Manage payments
11:36 Shipping and delivery
13:59 Choose a store theme
15:54 How to add products
22:15 Create collections
23:32 How to customize storefront
25:20 Theme settings
25:26 Add Shopify logo
26:03 Add Shopify favicon
26:31 Change theme colors
27:47 Add social media channels
28:22 Customize checkout
29:59 Customize page sections
31:25 How to create your pages
32:00 How to create your menu
33:51 Continue customizing your store
38:51 Customize website footer
41:03 Preview store responsiveness
43:17 Add apps47:06 Email marketing
48:15 How to create discounts
49:36 Publish (remove password)
49:50 Connect sales channels
50:38 Analytics and Customers
51:13 Outro

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Let me know if this Shopify tutorial was helpful. Also, if you require any help or support, make sure to get in touch with us today.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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