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How to cut operational costs as a high street business [Video]

Running a high street business right now isn’t easy with soaring energy costs, lockdown debts to clear and other financial challenges to overcome. 

That’s why now’s the time to start really scrutinising your outgoings and looking for ways to eliminate overspend across the board.

You’d be amazed by how much money you could save by making just a few tweaks here and there to the everyday running of your business. 

Here’s our high street operations specialist, Paul Newell’s, take on how you can start to eliminate overspend in your business:

Paul’s also shared with us some extra top tips for cutting four kinds of specific operational costs you can address right now.

1. Optimise your payroll 

Effective staff scheduling is key to managing one of your largest outgoings and making your business as productive as it can be. 

Planning your staffing in advance each month, for example, is a great way to control costs …

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