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Happiest UK areas where you can buy a house for less than average – is yours on the list? | Personal Finance | Finance [Video]

Pendle in Lancashire has a happiness rating of 8.1, while the average local house price is £141,069, less than half of the national average. 

Newry Mourne & Down in Northern Ireland boasts a happiness rating of 8.06 and an average house price of £191,053; while Richmondshire in North Yorkshire scores 7.99 for happiness and has an average house price of £278,074. 

In contrast, Colchester is home to the lowest happiness score in the UK at 6.76, while the average house price of £330,435 is also 12 percent higher than the UK average.

Both Tunbridge Wells and Lambeth are also home to a happiness score of below seven, while the average house prices in each area come in above the UK average at £489,846 and £553,424 respectively.

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