Finance for Women

Financial Literacy Movement Channel [Video]

Financial Literacy Movement Channel

Financial Literacy Movement channel is a community that aspires, design truly for financial success, to serve passionately and with a loving heart willing to share the knowledge, skills and wisdom to those families who want to learn about basic concepts of money, then apply it. Thus, in order for each one achieve greater success and the life what you want.

Encourage you to be part of our advocacy in educating 30 Million Filipino Families to become financially educated before year 2030.
Teach and coach you on how to properly save and invest for retirement a peace of mind. We adopt and adhere a right and a proven platform intended for all families by International Marketing Group or IMG.

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Finance for Women

Bank of Baroda | Financial Literacy through Social Media [Video]

Along with enabling communication, Social Media can also serve as a great platform for education. Bank of Baroda makes the best use of the same by imparting financial literacy to its customers through its content. Watch our ED, Shri Ajay Khurana share his views on the same.#BankofBaroda #AzadiKaAmritMahotsav #AmritMahotsav

Finance for Women

how to make money tips 2πŸ€‘ [Video]

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