Finance for Women

Do we have enough money in midlife as women? [Video]

Do we have enough money in midlife as women?

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What is your money mindset? What are your beliefs about money? Money touches everything, so you must get in touch with your thoughts about money.

Wendy and I talk about how to shift from a lack mentality into an abundant money mindset! Make your money matter at midlife, so you can gain financial freedom and enjoy a life you love!
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0:00 Money is Important
0:39 Biggest fears
1:30 How to start letting go
2:05 How do you help women?
2:55 What is your definition of financial freedom?
5:02 Pay yourself first
5:20 Golden goose account
5:40 How do I grow my money?
7:14 Set an intention at the beginning of the month

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Finance for Women

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Finance for Women

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