3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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30 Essential Excel Tips and Tricks for 2024 – Excel Productivity Tutorial [Video]


30 Essential Excel Tips and Tricks for 2024 – Excel Productivity Tutorial

We’ve combined 30 of our recent popular Excel training tutorials and created a single video. 📈 This detailed tutorial series is perfect for beginners and seasoned Excel users. Discover how to enhance your spreadsheets with key techniques like highlighting the active row, merging cells, and managing change tracking to improve efficiency.

Advance your skills with complex strategies such as creating pivot charts, eliminating duplicate data, and optimizing file sizes for better data handling. Learn to captivate your audience with stunning data visualizations using waterfall charts, color scales, and sparklines.

Secure your essential data with tutorials on protecting cells, worksheets, and workbooks. Gain insights into quick tips like crafting dropdown menus, utilizing split screens, and adding radio buttons for a smoother Excel experience. Uncover the potential of advanced tools like Autofit, gauge charts, and the MATCH function, and solve common issues like removing commas, adjusting row heights, and restoring missing scrollbars.
Dive into specialized topics such as concatenation, SUMIF functions, and checkbox uses.

Our step-by-step guidance makes Excel more approachable, equipping you with the knowledge to become a proficient Excel user. 🔥🔗💡

📝 Use the timestamps below to navigate to different sections of the course. If you already know one of these topics, skip ahead! Timestamps:

00:00:00 – Simon Sez IT Intro
00:00:09 – How to Highlight the Active Row in Microsoft Excel
00:02:57 – Merging Cells
00:09:52 – Tracking Changes in Microsoft Excel
00:13:06 – Freeze Panes
00:16:44 – Enabling Split Screen in Microsoft Excel
00:20:05 – Insert Radio Buttons in Microsoft Excel
00:24:36 – How to Wrap Text in Microsoft Excel
00:27:44 – Create Pivot Charts in Microsoft Excel
00:34:20 – Remove Blank Rows and Duplicates
00:39:38 – How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Microsoft Excel
00:44:05 – How to Merge Excel Files
00:51:33 – How to Reduce the File Size in Excel
00:56:12 – Protect Cells, Worksheets and Workbooks
01:02:47 – How to Create a Waterfall Chart in Microsoft Excel
01:06:10 – Using the MATCH Function in Microsoft Excel
01:08:58 – Inserting Hyperlinks in Excel
01:12:54 – How to Visualize Data with Color Scales in Microsoft Excel
01:14:20 – How to Visualize Data with Sparklines in Microsoft Excel
01:16:31 – Inserting Comments
01:22:00 – Changing the Margins in Microsoft Excel
01:25:57 – How to Autofit Cells in Microsoft Excel
01:28:28 – Create a Gauge Chart in Excel
01:34:02 – Power Toys
01:37:08 – Remove Commas in Excel – 5 Ways!
01:41:39 – How to Change the Row Height in Excel
01:46:17 – Concatenation and the SUMIF Function in Microsoft Excel
01:53:10 – How to Highlight Cells or Rows with a Checkbox in Excel
01:55:42 – Fixing a Missing Scrollbar in Excel – How Can You Do It?
01:59:14 – Removing Tables in Microsoft Excel – 3 Easy Ways!
02:02:29 – How to Switch Between Excel Sheets

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