10 Steps To Becoming An Amazing Motivational Speaker [Video]

Public speaking is a difficult art to master. If you have previously achieved success with a presentation, a speech or even a wedding toast and are passionate about it then you may have the potential to become a great motivational speaker.

The job of a life coach has recently gained a lot of popularity and many people are considering a profession in this industry, potentially earning $1,000’s – $100,000’s per seminar.

A number of efficient tips and strategies will help you achieve this goal. Today we share these tips with you.

1. Do You have a Special Message to Deliver?

The greatest life coaches have something special to say, something that is derived from personal experiences. These people are successful because they speak on the basis of personal stories. Personal stories are convincing and easy to relate to.

If you are interested in a life coach career, you should determine the specifics that you want …

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My Biggest Hack to Productivity + TIPS to stay focused! [Video]

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to stay productive. These tips may not work for everyone, but for someone who is an avid gamer and struggles with maintaining focus, this can definitely help boost your grades and overall productivity toward any task. Feel free to give me any tips on the video itself and how you all manage your productivity!Songs were pulled from this playlist: